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Custom made guitars available

Strum something special. brings rare collections of luthier built guitars and specialty guitar selections from builders across the world. We represent the finest creators and bring their hard-to-find, extraordinary collections to our online audience. From Olson guitars to a Walker, Manzer, or Paul McGill guitar, Luthier's collection offers quality work from meticulous designers. Search through a wide range of acoustic handmade guitars.

Our builders are selective and so are our customers. That is why we build to please with custom made guitars. Browse through various sizes and sounds of custom handmade guitars. Admire both the beauty and sound of an exceptional, detailed instrument designed for work or play. Hard-to find acoustic steel string guitars are no longer hard to find, along with custom made acoustic guitars complete with tailored client specifications.

We strive to provide guitar enthusiasts with a unique product at a competitive price. Create a working relationship with professionals who strive to provide our valued customers with the most innovative customized guitar collection. See our articles to learn how exclusive is for guitar devotees. Browse our available product line today and hear the rich sound each specialty guitar can bring to the ear.