Custom guitar makers enhance music making

Custom Guitar Makers

Guitars are used in a wide variety of music combinations, from solo classical orchestras to blues, country, pop and rock ensembles. Customized string instruments from produce musical genius for any style composition. Regardless of the genre, our custom guitar makers design quality products that enhance playing ability of all musicians. From acoustic to classical guitars, know that the exclusive designs we make available to guitarists will enrich musical experiences for personal enjoyment or professional play. Choose from a variety of distinguished luthiers whose exclusive creations are hard to find. offers custom made guitars from many crafters, such as:

  • James Olson
  • Ed Claxton
  • Kim Walker
  • Linda Manzer
  • Michael Bashkin
  • Paul McGill
  • Mark Blanchard

There are many more artist collections to pick from in our online gallery of classical and acoustic guitars. Visit the collector's corner to view elite picks, such as the Manzer Wildwood or the Monteleone Eclipse. Browse new arrivals or strum through guitars from our signature designers. Trust in Luthier's Collection to bring hard to find collector's items and professional string guitars to our valued customers. We have established a strong, working relationship with custom guitar makers throughout the world and continually provide our elite clients with quality, musical merchandise with half the wait and at competitor prices. Customize the perfect item for any guitarist with our extensive line of sizes, styles, and sounds. We know what quality musicians look for and continue to network with professional luthiers to bring it to you in our online gallery for guitarists. offers quality and prestige to devotees of guitars.

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