Choose custom hand made guitars

Custom Hand Made Guitars

Whether you long to rock the house or play the blues, has the best handmade guitars made by artists such as Michael Baskin, Ed Claxton, and more to meet musical tastes of any kind. We specialize in distributing beautiful custom hand made guitars to musicians across the world from builders with unique skill and ability. The method of construction is taken into account with each one of our well-known luthiers to allow stronger sustains of each note. From the fretboard to the saddle, each piece of every guitar was customized with care by authentic builders to ensure desired vibrations for guitarists. Offering a wide variety of collector items, including elaborately designed custom handmade guitars, Luthier's Collection strives to provide hard to find custom made guitars that sound and look even better.

Custom handmade guitars elaborately desgined

Custom Handmade Guitars

Luthier's Collection knows that the sound produced is primary, but we also know that the look and feel of a quality guitar is just as important. This is why we have collected custom handmade guitars from exclusive builders designed to perfection and customized to fit any style of our valued customers. The body of an instrument compliments the sound and is often the major determinant of the overall sound variety within an acoustic guitar. Our builders know this and produce elaborately designed masterpieces that offer unique looks for any type of guitarist. Sound good and look even better with a rare musical instrument by your side. Whether you play for pleasure or for professional gain, trust in the leaders of the guitar industry to pass on quality craftsmanship with our extensive line of custom hand made guitars, exclusively for elite audiences. is the best resource for authentic guitar pieces. Please give us a call with any questions that you may have.

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