An acoustic custom guitar: handmade with care

Acoustic Custom Guitar Handmade

The professionals at know music, but the talented builders we represent know and showcase a passion for the unique musical construction of custom made acoustic guitars. We specialize in providing our customers with an acoustic custom guitar handmade by the best luthiers in the industry. Browse our online gallery of handmade guitars for creations by Paul McGill, Jim Olson, Shanti, and more.

Elite guitarists can purchase Mark Blanchard pieces without the typical wait as he constructs one instrument at a time with care and enthusiasm. We also offer Grit Laskin guitars, infamous for worldwide enthusiasts. Laskin's techniques and designs have become evolutionary. Strum one of his specialty products with the assistance of our worldwide distribution gallery. has established a strong commitment to our customers and continues to manage an even stronger partnership with distinguished luthiers across the world. We will provide any musician with a quality guitar. Acoustic custom handmade creations are hard to find, but not when lead by the experts of Luthier's Collection.

The perfect guitar: acoustic custom handmade creations

Enhancing the sounds strengths of musicians within any genre, products from are sure to please enthusiasts of a specialty guitar. Acoustic, custom handmade pieces are sure to delight novice and professional musicians alike. We tailor our selections to meet the desired preferences of our elite customers. Don't settle for less. Luthier's Collections brings quality craftsmanship to a collectible piece, from the classical, acoustical instrument to the mandolin. Our website showcases builders that customize rare instruments and reserve several exclusively for our online gallery of specialized guitars. Choose from new and used pieces from Mario Beauregard, Ervin Somogyi or Michihiro Matsuda, just to name a few. Find an acoustic custom guitar handmade by your favorite artisan. brings quality to your fingertips.

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