Turn it up: hand made acoustic guitars amplify

Hand Made Acoustic Guitars

Fire up the crowd with amplified, electrifying chords or bring serenity to an acoustical audience. Whether plugged or unplugged, amateurs and professionals alike can acquire stage ready sounds with quality, hand made acoustic guitars from Luthierscollection.com.

We strive to find the most rare creations produced by well-known builders who have entrusted their creations to music legends, such as Eric Clapton, Sting, Hank Williams, Sr., and many more. You don't have to be a rock or country icon to produce sounds that enthrall thousands of fans. Strum something special and resonating when purchasing our handmade guitars.

Acoustic handmade creations become available daily from artisans such as Paul McGill, Linda Manzer, Kim Walker, just to name a few. Luthierscollection.com continually satisfies customers by making available the most prestigious works of distinguished craftsmen.

Quality guitars: acoustic handmade rare items

Guitars Acoustic Handmade

If you've been searching every local shop for the most sophisticated guitar, look no further. At your fingertips, Luthierscollection.com brings unique, hard-to-find guitars.

Acoustic handmade treasures produce original sounds, yet extravagant looks. From the neck to the saddle, each designer has added a personal touch unlike any other creation in the world. Own a piece of history and make some history when your musical compositions come to life.

Each builder we have partnered with specializes to bring traditional guitar making to modern audiences, customizing as such. Browse through both new and hand made acoustic guitars available in our online guitar gallery. Make some music today.

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