James Olson guitars

Enrich the playing field with an exclusive handcrafted piece from one of the most sophisticated luthiers in the world. Luthierscollection.com offers James Olson guitars and Matsuda guitars for music enthusiasts. Olson's creations have become prized possessions by both amateur and professional guitarists throughout the world who play a wide variety of musical styles. From bluegrass and country to pop music, this celebrated luthier has enabled musical compositions to come to life on acoustic albums and concert stages. Become a center stage artist with a quality instrument that sustains extravagant sounds and displays elaborate designs. Choose from a wide range of textures and colors, from various crafters. Whether you purchase one of Jim's innovations or an exclusive Michihiro Matsuda guitar, know that Luthierscollection.com strives to bring the finest luthier built guitars to our online audience.

A Michihiro Matsuda guitar displays inspiration

Take advantage of an authentic creation by a traditional woodworker who strives to enhance both the playability and appearance of his designs. Michihiro Matsuda guitar innovations have drawn national attention to the builder's handmade pieces. The artist has refined his craft while working with reputable luthiers throughout the world and credits his inspiration from nature. Matsuda's instruments explore the creativity of the player, as music is the primary function of guitarists. However, he strives to make a limited number of stringed instruments wherein the peghead, body, bridge, and cutaways shape harmonies in an organic way. Luthierscollection.com is proud to present such quality works from inspiring builders. From James Olson guitars to Kim Walker and Paul McGill creations, know that we will bring musical inventions to our valued customers.

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