Enjoy the rich sound of a customized invention created to augment musical compositions, from jazz to classical. Guitar makers around the world produce unique inventions designed to enhance the look and feel, and most of all, the sound of quality instruments, played by personal or professional musicians. Take advantage of the innovative craftsmanship our custom builders provide. Luthierscollection.com distributes hard to find stringed instruments from well-known luthiers, such as Linda Manzer, Jeff Traugott, Mark Blanchard and much, much more. From classical to acoustic pieces, we have elaborately designed and articulately composed luthier built guitars customized for elite musicians who recognize the importance of exclusive merchandise. Regardless of the style or feel desired, know that Luthier's Collection will obtain rare creations, customized for our valued customers.

Play for hours with luthier built guitars

We know the many benefits of soothing and soulful sounds. Music is a healing art form for guitarists across the world. This is why Luthierscollection.com provides luthier built guitars from quality builders who have a passion for the musical instruments they produce. From the saddle to the neck of each instrument, the craftsmanship is clear. Browse through our extensive online gallery to find the perfect style and sound for personal or professional play. You'll be delighted with the vibrant sounds and elaborately designed textures each customized piece displays. Luthier's Collection brings unique and collectible instruments to the forefront from distinguished guitar makers around the world. We have Matsuda guitars, Walker guitars, Olson guitars and more. If you've always dreamed of owning Olson guitars, you may also be interested in a Manzer guitar, or a Somogyi guitar for sale. Just as our builders love to play for elite audiences, we recognize that our customers relish in the soothing sounds of a handmade musical invention. From the collector's corner to the new arrival section of our online gallery, enthused guitarists will surely find a piece that will leave them in awe of the sight and sound.

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