Steel string acoustic: guitars that rock and roll

Steel String Acoustic Guitars

The experts from Luthier's Collection know how critical a guitar purchase can be. Offering options that range from steel string acoustic guitars to classical pieces, provides an exclusive inventory of new and used creations by well-known builders, such as Michael Bashkin, Ervin Somogyi, Mark Blanchard and many more talented creators.

Trust in leaders that can offer the best, customized, handmade quality products from the best luthiers in the industry. We can help novice or professional guitarists with a complete assessment of musical goals to ensure a wise purchase that fits musical tastes of any kind. Choose from a guitar that is either classical or acoustic.

Steel string guitars are typically played by pop musicians, but not exclusively. Folk, blues and jazz guitarists have also embellished the vibrant and resonating sounds these pieces produce. Suitable for a variety of musical styles, our builders have produced masterpieces that compliment compositions of any type.

Whether you're looking for a general purpose instrument or handmade guitars to fit a particular genre, you'll find the perfect piece within's online gallery for music enthusiasts.

Customized acoustic: steel string guitars or classic

Popular artists in the music industry have entrusted their careers in the hands of the craftsmen who supply to Whether you prefer steel string acoustic guitars or a classical instrument, know that has a wide variety of quality stringed instruments used by amateur and professional guitarists. A classic guitar was showcased in Eric Clapton's "Tears From Heaven," as well as The Eagles' live acoustical version of "Hotel California." Imitate the vibrant sounds of the most renowned musicians in pop culture with a quality guitar made by talented luthiers who have partnered with Offering works by Paul McGill, Linda Manzer, Kim Walker and more, our online gallery displays the beauty of handmade instruments and the sound of embellished creations that are classical and acoustic. Steel string guitars are a popular selection for guitarists around the world. Sample elite sounds with a guitar purchase from

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