The "Duet" Guitar

A luthier collaboration between Tom Ribbecke and Linda Manzer. Heres the hype:

"Normally reserved for a musical performance by two players, the word 'duet' is not usually associated with the craft of guitar making. It is, however, fiting in this collaboration bewteen Tom & Linda. Built in the late fall of 2000 during an intensive seven day workshop in Healdsburg, California, Duet is the musical dance of two distinct sensibilities.

A brilliant example of co-operation, their occasional compromises always tempered with a unified objective, like two musicians (which, of course, they are) Linda and Tom 'jammed' before an audience of fellow luthiers and a small film crew, who were there to witness the process of two great builders coming together and willing to put their craft on the line in this once-in-a-lifetime venture. The result of their labors is 'DUET'."

Here's the truth: It was beautiful! The process, the collaboration, the carving, the voicing, you name it. We both enjoyed the hell out of the experience. Hundreds of hours of video are being edited and enhanced in post-production right now. The instructional DVD and videotape versions will be available soon.

Those of you interested in learning more about "Duet" may want to pick up the November issue of "Acoustic Guitar Magazine" — they're going to feature it under their "Great Acoustic Guitar of the Month" banner.

FYI: We will be accepting sealed bids on the instrument we built together; latest estimates on the value of this instrument begin at about $50,000. Email me or call 707-433-3778. Serious collector inquiries only!

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