Monteleone "Eclipse" Archtop

Curly Maple Back & Sides
Sitka Spruce Top
Curly Maple Neck
Ebony Bridge, Pickguard and Fretboard
White Nitrate Binding
Carved Ebony Tail Piece
Gold Schaller Tuners

Description below from Monteleone's Website:

The Eclipse
The archtop guitar has had its roots in the jazz idiom. With the influences of everything from rock to classical music, jazz has continually expanded to new horizons. This has placed the archtop guitar into new and challenging territory. Being limited by their instrument has been a constant problem for Jazz musicians. Today's jazz guitarists seek a guitar which can freely respond to their sensitivities.

In both acoustic and amplified use, the ECLIPSE offers the guitarist some unique capabilities for expression not commonly found in the archtop guitar. It is an instrument which almost begs to be played. The tone is clean, clear, and crisp. Lack of sustain used to be a drawback in this type of guitar, but the ECLIPSE will amaze you. I have tried to build some of the finer attributes of the flat-top guitar into this instrument, and the result is a warm sound with great sustain and tonal blend. The separation of notes is equally impressive. Even balance and brilliance is smoothly distributed through the asymmetrical "X" bracing design. The attack is clean, and the projection is very positive. From the softest passages to the loudest, the power is there when you need it. The ECLIPSE is carved from some of the finest tone-woods the world has to offer, and is shaped by hand into an improviser's dream.

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