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While we could go on and on about the beautiful instruments we are privileged to showcase here at Luthier’s Collection, we know that words aren’t enough—nor should they be. You are browsing acoustic guitars, handmade by some of the world’s most well-loved luthiers, because you are already sold on the magical quality of a finely crafted, unique acoustic instrument. At this point, you must see, hear and experience these acoustic guitars, handmade and ready for purchase now. Welcome to Luthier’s Collection. Contact us if you would like stop by and see what we have.

These are guitars that have been crafted over the course of many weeks and months. Each instrument comes to life at the hand of a luthier who is passionate about each piece of fine wood, every seam and joint, every element that is part of every one of the hand made guitars you will see here. Luthier’s Collection was launched to foster that sometimes tenuous connection between those who are passionate about the sound quality and aesthetic magic found only with hand made guitars and those luthiers who have the dedication, talent and vision to create them. Contact us to discuss how simple it is to procure an amazing acoustic guitar.

Guitars you will find at Luthier’s Collection include:

  • Traugott – We are lucky to represent Jeff Traugott’s work, coveted around the globe by those who know an amazing luthier creation when they see it.
  • Matsuda – You must see the current guitars created by Michihiro Matsuda to understand the draw many feel toward these beautifully crafted guitars. Matsuda’s guitars offer a uniquely innovative design as well as stellar tone and playability.
  • Alberico – Perhaps not so easy to keep in stock, Frederico Alberico’s guitars are crafted slowly and carefully. See our current selection.

While the prices are the same as they would be if you were to purchase the guitars directly from the builder, the element of waiting is not the same. You can expect to acquire the hand crafted guitar you would like immediately. Contact us for more information. Learn more by reading the articles listed below.

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Acoustic Guitars Handmade
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