Acoustic handmade guitars produce vibrant sounds

There is no need to supply external devices for amplification with the vibrant resonance of quality instruments from Luthierscollection. Our acoustic handmade guitars create acoustical musical pleasure for musicians across the world, made by talented luthiers who appreciate and understand the beauty and pleasurable sounds of guitars - acoustic, handmade. Choose from the best steel string guitars from manufacturers such as Anderson, McCollum, Sergio de Jonge and more or customize an acoustical guitar to meet your desired preferences. Regardless of the shape or sound you desire, we have a great selection of steel string acoustic guitars. Each of our custom acoustic guitars is rare, unique and hard to find, yet now available through partnerships established by Luthier's Collection.

Custom acoustic guitars enrich musical genres

Whether you yearn to play traditional old-time music and blues or jazz and country compositions, trust in to find the perfect acoustic guitars handmade for personal or professional use. Our online guitar gallery showcases custom acoustic guitars designed to awe listeners and enhance the play of elite musicians across the world. Browse through flat-top, steel-string pieces that possess a narrower, reinforced neck and strong structural design or an archtop guitar featuring a violin-inspired curve. Regardless of the type of music played, know that the tones of steel-stringed, acoustical instruments will produce a sound that leaves a lasting impression. offers a variety of customized creations sure to fit any musician who appreciates signature and elite woodworking.

Our handmade acoustic guitars are everything you want in a guitar - acoustic, custom, handmade perfection. We know that acoustic handmade guitars are a staple in folk and old time music, yet also follow the trends of popular and jazz compositions that necessitate a quality musical instrument. We strive to please each and every customer by partnering with established luthiers who not only offer passion for the industry, but sheer talent in producing sounds and sights for guitar collectors and players. has something to offer everyone at builder prices. Shop online for the perfect instrument today.

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