Shop for the most sophisticated stringed instrument from the most talented builders at Our vast selection of the best steel string guitars cannot be beat. Not only does our online guitar gallery feature notable works from artists such as Grit Laskin, Paul McGill, Linda Manzer and Kim Walker, it also offers new and used instruments from quality vendors across the world who create steel string acoustic guitars. Browse through selections from C.F. Martin, Goodall, Sheppard, Wayne Henderson and more.

The complete resource for handmade guitars, supplies exclusive works from talented, well-known builders who have graced and enhanced every genre of the music industry. Search through customized flat-top and archtop creations built for traditional and popular musicians. Sustain brighter tones and louder sounds with a flat top instrument or admire the beauty of the hollow body form and violin-inspired f-hole design of an archtop guitar. Steel-stringed instruments produce extra tension, resulting in an enhanced, acoustical sound.

Professionals from recognize the importance of quality musical treasures and continually work with distinguished luthiers to bring the most up-to-date creations to your fingertips. Browse the pages and pictures within our online guitar gallery to find the perfect piece to fit your musical style. We offer a wide selection of the best steel string guitars on the web, with guaranteed enjoyment for guitarists across the nation. Trust in the partnership we have established with sophisticated and talented craftsmen who each designate a portion of their yearly stock to Luthier's Collection. See what we can customize for our customer's desired look, feel and sound.

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